Absence of vaginal discharge

Posted 2021-02-02

Smell normal, odorless, bad odor. If you notice anything abnormal about your discharge, it is worth consulting a doctor.

Pdf Vaginal Infections

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Common Gynecologic Problems In Prepubertal Girls

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Benign Disorders Of The Uterine Cervix

A bit of white discharge, especially at the beginning or end of your menstrual cycle, is normal.

How Your Discharge Changes During Your Menstrual Cycle

Learn about treatments, colors and consistency, and when to see your doctor. Yes, it is normal, and it should diminish in a few hours. The most common causes of vaginal discharge are the normal physiological discharge, bacterial vaginosis and candidal infections.

Persistent Or Recurrent Vaginal Discharge

The amount of discharge decreases again before menstruation. Being able to discern normal from abnormal vaginal discharge is key to maintaining good vaginal health. What types of vaginal discharge are there.

Candida Infection Tricpmonas Vaginalis Bacterial Vaginosis
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