Does vagina taste and smell bad

Posted 2021-01-23

After all, a guy is always down for a blowjob, and he seldom gives a second thought to how pleasant he smells. Absent of an infection, vaginas always smell and taste normal, and normal varies. Its tough to say, because im immediately trying to think of a food that would be the closest comparison and i cant think of one.

Some Foods That Can Change Your Vagina Taste

Like does your discharge smell bad, but not fishy, or does it smell yeasty.

What Does A Vagina Taste Like

Ferro network joyce and adam nylon footfuck video. Everyone can have a different sweat smell, but its still sweat. It's a vagina, not a perfume counter.

What Does Cum Taste Like

Your natural smell or taste may not be like honey the way its inaccurately described in bad erotica. Why that is the case is as unclear as what motivates other sexual interactions and human behavior.

A Tasty Pussy Is A Happy Pussy

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Women Taste Test Their Own Vaginas

No infection or symptoms of anything abnormal. Seriously though, a vagina tastes like the best chicken you have ever eaten and does smell like fish. Other food items includes anything fresh with natural juices and lots of water. Nubilefilms -lesbian lust to the third degree.

Can Pineapple Change The Way Your Vagina Tastes
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